Examples of possible cooperations and consulting

The Center NanoSYD is working in many different fields. Explore the webpage and search under Projects or Capabilities to find examples. If you like to know more about the center, please visit the website of NanoSYD .

Topics we work with are:

Microfluidics: here the tasks range from improving the channel quality and the design of the microchips up to rapid prototyping of the devices.

Surface characterization: You are working with different kinds of treated surfaces or want to get a surface characterized? We have the instruments to determine the structures, roughness and electrical or optical properties of surfaces of different kinds. 

Optical spectroscopy: Our experts analyze the optical properties of samples also at ultralow temperatures.

Laser materials treatments: We have the only UV laser material treatment station in Denmark and apply it for alternative material processing. It is not always necessary to use a lithography process in the cleanroom. 

Surface coatings: There is a whole range of possibilities to get surfaces coated at NanoSYD. The Cryo Fox that is described in the equipment section is applied for evaporation and sputtering materials on wafer surfaces. More flexible with respect to samples is the evaporator from Edwards (R500) which is located in the surface science laboratory. In a Furnace Stack samples can be coated with silicon oxide, silicon nitride or silicon. Spin coaters and a high resolution sputter coater (Cressington 208HR) are available for everyday use in the cleanroom. An HMDS oven can be used to change the properties of a surface on silicon or silicon dioxide samples for making the surface hydrophobic.

And many more ....