Thin film deposition

(Polyteknik Cryofox Explorer 600)

Explorer 600 LT

A thin film, is a layer with a high surface-to-volume ratio.  Thin films can be a resistor, a conductor, an insulator, or even a semiconductor.  Thin films can be deposited on a substrate by vapor deposition.

The Cryofox Explorer 600 is used by us for metal deposition and deposition of dielectrica. It applies magnetron sputtering and electron beam evaporation to get a uniform layer of the desired material onto a wafer.  It is able to do both DC sputtering and RF sputtering, and to do sample pre-cleaning by plasma before deposition.

In addition to the Cryofox Explorer there exists an Edwards R500 with an electron beam evaporator plus thermal evaporation. This instrument allows to apply up to 4 different materials without braking the vacuum.