Optical characterization
  • Digital inspection microscope (Nikon LV100D)
  • Epifluorescence microscopes (Nikon) 
  • Interference microscope (Fogale Microsurf 3D) 
  • Ellipsometer 
  • Spectroscopy with different optical spectrometers
  • Fluorescence microscope
  • Laser scanning microscope
Electron beam characterization
  • Scanning electron microscope (Hitachi S-4800)
  • Sputter coater for SEM (Cressington 208HR)
  • LEED (Low energy electron diffraction)
Scanning probe characterization
  • Profilometer (Veeco Dektak 150)
  • Atomic force microscope (Veeco Dimension 3100)
  • Atomic force microscope (JPK NanoWizard)
Electrical characterisation
  • Wafer probe station (Rucker & Kolls 666)  
  • Micromanipulation station

  • Optical lithography
  • Electron beam lithography
  • Nano Imprint lithography
  • Mask Aligner
  • Spin Coater (RRT Lanz EBS 11)
  • Hot plates 
    The hot plates (IKA HCT and H. Gestigkeit PZ28-2SR) are used for substrate baking as part of the lithography process.
  • Spin dryer (Semitool ST-860D and Rhetech Semitool 240ST)
  • Plasma asher (Branson IPC 3000)
  • Dry Etching (ICP RIE) 
  • Wet benches
  • Anisotropic silicon etching bath (PM Plast)
  • Silicon oxide etching bath (PM Plast)
  • Silicon nitride etching bath (PM Plast)
  • Wafer cleaning
  • 7-up bath (PM Plast)
  • RCA-1 and RCA-2 baths (PM Plast)
  • Developer bath (PM Plast)
  • Lift-off bath (PM Plast)
  • Resist strip bath (PM Plast)
Deposition and thermal processing
  • Thin Film deposition
  • Silicon nitride LPCVD
  • Annealing and thermal oxidation oven

  • Wire bonder (Kulicke and Soffa 4700)
  • Plasma Asher 
  • Dicing saw (Disco DAD-2H5)
  • Fume hood (Pm Plast)