Examples of applied projects

Lab on Chip
We develop new testing facilities of the size of a chip. The idea is to miniaturize a whole lab to the size of a matchbox. This development is possible by combining different methods in the cleanroom, laser micro machining, surface texturing and modification together. The result can be used in food quality control, environmental and public health control.
On a chip two sheath streams compress the central sample stream. The sample stream has been dyed red for clarity.
We are working on a new optical LED technology called OLEFET. The new method is about organic molecules, which normally are unable to emit light, now forming tiny crystals (so-called nano crystals or nano fibres) which can emit light. In future screens, these nano fibres can then function as small active pixels in different colours.
Optical microscope image of the EL output of a 60 nm p6P thin film
Porous templates and membranes
The wetting of porous templates allows one to fabricate highly ordered arrays of tubular structures from different materials. The structures obtained can be used, e.g., in solar cells and other electronic devices. The project is devoted to the fabrication of organic nanofibers and nanotubes on different substrates.
SEM image of a PAA template on a silicone substrate
Solar Cell development
Solar cells of the future will be based on organic materials. We investigate the use of nanofibers for low cost 3rd generation photovoltaic elements.
Organic solar cell