Innovation support

There are different ways to find support for your ideas. Please contact us via

+45 6550 1673 Center NanoSYD secretary Zora Milde or

+49 (0)4608-971135 (Dr. Katharina Rubahn) or send an e-mail to

We're pleased to discuss your ideas and search for support possibilities.

A couple of institutions provide financial support:

New Research Coupon (’Ny videnkupon’)

'Videnkupon' will be available again in spring 2012 with an easier access end so far. Previous guidelines offered small and medium sized companies a research coupon to have a university do research for them. A basic coupon gave up to 100.000 DKK and an extended coupon gave up to 500.000 DKK.

The Danish National Advanced Technology Foundation (HTF)

There are possibilities for projects that involve the participation of several companies and  one or several public institutions.

Proof of Concept Fund

The University of Southern Denmark, Århus University and 'Danmarks Jordbrugsforskning' have together established a proof of concept-projekt.

With this project all partners get the possibility to further develop new inventions and technologies with potential in commercialization.

Requests from German Companies

For German Companies that are searching for support for a joint project idea there are partners on the German side they can ask at the Business Development and Technology Transfer Corporation of Schleswig Holstein (WTSH). A list of persons can be found under the link and for a contact with respect to nanotechnology, Holger Pohl and Joachim Bergmann are the persons to ask.