Micromanipulation station

The micromanipulation station consists of an optical microscope and two mechanical stages for sample and tool movement. The optical system is based on a Nikon 50x objective with a long working distance of 17 mm, which eases sample handling and manipulation. This is used in combination with a Navitar UltraZoom lens system and a digital camera that is connected to a computer for image display and still or live image storage.
The sample is mounted on a three-axis manually operated stage, which allows the sample position to be adjusted to fit in the microscope view field. For tool motion, a mechanical motion system is constructed from 3 linear, piezoelectric actuators. Each piezoelectric actuator is mounted on a motorized linear motion stage with a travel distance of several mm for the coarse approach of the tool. This entire actuator system is equipped with an arm carrying the tool, and is mounted on a rotational stage, which allows the arm to swing out for easy tool change.