We offer a range of services for customers. Consulting is one of them. If you have an idea and do not know how to deal with it you can contact us and we will  help you.

There are different topics where cooperations with industry partners or other universities are possible:
  • Microfluidics: You work in this field and have specific problems? Maybe we have solved them already and can help you e.g. to improve channel quality or to do rapid prototyping.
  • Solar cells:  We have competence in 3rd generation flexible solar cells and offer device platform creation for all generation solar cells.
  • Nanomarkers: Our nanomarkers are ready to be used on the market as anti counterfeit for products. They can easily be applied . Ask us for a sample. 
  • Sensors: we work in the field of sensors that base on optical technologies such as fluorescence marking or photoacoustics. 
  • Surface characterization, surface structure formation, nanoparticle generation or laser spectroscopy: contact us for expert assistance.  
And many more ....

The cleanroom and also specific machines can be rented (incl. consultancy) - booking here.
Download a PDF version of the price list for the equipment use.